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Goodbye Philippines 😭😭

Hi everyone, this is my last couple of day in the Philippines, and I can already tell I will miss it so much. This week I went out with my friends and coworkers as a final goodbye. Before we left, we got to see how our rice we planted in the begin did. All I... Continue Reading →

Week 9: Puerto Princessa

Hey everyone!! As I previously noted in the other blog, I wanted to have a specific blog for Puerto Princessa, Palawan because of all the stuff I did. Day 1 The first day was all about seeing the town. We arrived in Palawan around 9 am and got Jolibe immediately for breakfast. Our first trip... Continue Reading →

Week 7: A Kindof, Sorta Lazy Week

This week was a kindof, sorta lazy week because we didn't travel anywhere far from Los Baños. The week started off exhausting. On Sunday, I climbed Mount Makling with a group of friends - Jenny, Priscilla, Jaz, and her friend Nai. Mount Makling is the famous dormant volcano in los banos. The volcano is about... Continue Reading →

Week 4: First Week in Lab

Hello guy!! Coming back from Manilla was crazy but I had a lot of fun. The IRRI group had to split up because Zoe's boyfriends flight got changed, so they stayed later than anticipated. 2 of my IRRI pals and I, got on a bus around 3 and came back to Los Baños around 6.... Continue Reading →

Week 2: First day at work

I started off a strong Sunday, at Tito Mhon's house for Father's Day and a special house blessing. It was amazing to see how different cultures celebrate a new house, or in Tito's case, remodeling. I loved his beautiful house and the wonderful merienda we ate. I had my first day of work on June... Continue Reading →

Week 1: My Arrival

Hi everyone! My first week in the Philippines has been extraordinarily. I have done some much and seen so many beautiful things. My flight left out of O’hare on June 10 at 12:35 with 19 other Illinois Wesleyan University students. First, we took a 15 hour flight to Taipei, Taiwan and then a 2.5 hour... Continue Reading →

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