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Week 5: Feeling Like a Ph.D Student

Hi everyone! I started the week off with another trip. On Sunday, we took an hour long jeepney ride to Santa Cruza and then a boat to Pagsanjan Falls. Unfortunately for me and a few other, didn’t have enough money to go see the falls, so we went to a picnic area instead. We took up a boat up the river and sat at a small cafe called JDMD Lagaslas Rivercamp. We got to canoe, watch a movie, swim, and each some amazing food. After our picnic we went back to Los Banos went out to eat at Spice jar and a nice lemonade spot that Joey recommended.

The week started off great at work. All week, I worked on a mini research project. I had to find a way to analyzing lipids of rice using 2 Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) plates. I got to worked alone and worked with machines I have never used before. I felt very independent, and actually felt like a Ph.D student.

On Monday, there was a work lunch party. It was 2 coworkers birthdays and they brought in chicken curry, chocolate cake, and ube ice-cream. After work, Meghan and I went to boxing. This was my third session and the hardest session so far. There we burpees which I was not expecting. It definitely helped me work off the cake and the ice-cream. Joey left to go back to the US.

On Tuesday, there was another work party because it was Kuya Rowell’s birthday. He brought in chicken adobo, ube cake, and coffee ice-cream. After work, the IRRI group went to Zark’s to eat burgers. This is when Meghan tried the jaw breaker challenge. She was given 5 minutes to eat a triple cheese burger ( 1/4 pound patties) with mount of fries. Unfountily, she was able to finish it, but we were proud of her for trying it.

Wednesday, was our chill day because it was raining. We just sat in our rooms, watched TV, and took naps after work. On Thursday, it was my friend Jaymar’s birthday. It was raining, so we had to stay inside but, we watched a movie and ate cake. The Star is Born is a great movie, and I highly recommend it.

On Friday, we went back to manila to hang out with our friends from MAD and FNRI. As soon as we got to manilla, we went to the mall and walked around. On Saturday, a few of us went to Intramuros, the Spanish district of the Philippines. It was beautiful there, we saw the San Diego garden, a few antique store, and the art museum. We spent at least 4 hours there and didn’t even cover half of it. After, Intramuros, went back to the apartment and rested. For dinner that night, everyone went to Makati and ate all you could eat sushi at one of the Makati malls. We were so full we couldn’t move.

Stay-Tuned to see more fun experiences!!!


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