Week 6: Laiya Beach, Batangas, Work Trip

Hey guys!! Welcome back to my blog!! I have officially been in the Philippines for about a month and a half. I now feel like I know how to use the jeepney and buss system well enough to get around Los Banos and get to Manila. Now let’s talk about my week!

On Sunday, we were still in Makati, Manilla. Meghan, Zoe, and I walked around one of the Makati malls. I was able to buy souvenirs and check out some of the cool Filipino store. We left Manilla around 1, but some of the IRRI guys missed the bus so they had to catch a later bus. When we got back we did laundry and watched movies.

On Monday and Wednesday, Meghan and I went to boxercise. At work on Monday, I worked on my report for my experiment I did last week.

On Tuesday, the IRRI group went to an Italian Restaurant called Italian Restaurant da Fernando. I had an Italian burger which was really good, but they didn’t have much Italian food. It was more Filipino pastas.

On Thursday, Meghan, Zoe, and Dilly left for Banaue to go see the rice terraces. I had to stay because I had a work trip. Thursday at work, I started to make samples for the Gas Chromatography- Mass spectrometry. After work, my friend jaz and I made horchata for everyone at work, went to a restaurant called Danielito’s for dinner, and watched the moon as the tropical cyclone past Los Banos.

On Friday at work, we talked about the trip and left at 2 for Laiya. We got to the cottage around 7, made dinner, and laid on the sand playing games till 12 am. The cottage was on the beach, so you could hear the waves crash onto shore.

On Saturday, we walked around the beach, played games, made breakfast and lunch, and watched the sun rise.

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