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Week 4: First Week in Lab

Hello guy!! Coming back from Manilla was crazy but I had a lot of fun. The IRRI group had to split up because Zoe’s boyfriends flight got changed, so they stayed later than anticipated. 2 of my IRRI pals and I, got on a bus around 3 and came back to Los Baños around 6. We then decided to walk around a get pizza at a pizza place called lots of pizza near the Robinson mall. We survived!!

On Monday, I was allowed to put my computer research to work. I worked with a PhD student that I have been shadowing all week. We worked on making different TLC solvents and tested them with lipid standards. Slowly but surely, I started working by myself, but got things checked by the PhD student and my supervisor. I ended being in the lab all week. I learned a lot that I will definitely use in my research back at school. After work on Monday, a few friends of mine from IRRI got together at watched the movie ride. Before the movie, we made memes of dilly.

On Tuesday, we went out to eat for Zoe’s birthday. We ended up going to Selena’s again and then went to a karaoke place. At the karaoke place we sang and ate cake. We all had fun and singing our hearts out.

On Wednesday, I started boxing at the IRRI gym with Dilly and Meghan who started before me. The first class as easy but the workout got progressively harder. I’m so glad I have the opportunity to learn how to box. I’m looking forward to the other classes. As a reward of my first boxing class, I went to Zark’s burger place on Thursday. 

The rest of the week we just planned for what we would do on the weekend. Anaol from FNRI came down of Friday to hang out with us for the weekend. On Saturday we went to twin lakes called Pandin Lake and Yambo Lake. At Pandin Lake, we road a bamboo raft around the lake and swam in the fresh water for 4 hours. As soon as we got back shore is started to rain cats and dogs, which spoiled our plans to go to Yambo.

Stay-Tuned to see more fun experiences!!!


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