The Start of Sugar, Spice, and Everything Rice.

Hi everyone! My name is Ayana Blair. I am biochemistry major at Illinois Wesleyan University (IWU) traveling to the Philippines on the Freeman Asia Scholarship. I will be exploring the culture, learning the language, trying new foods, and making new friends along the way. I will also be working at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) with four other IWU students in Los Banos, Laguna as chemistry intern in the Grain Quality and Nutrition center. At IRRI, I hope to learn new techniques and methods for my current research at IWU and for the future. I will be leaving the U.S on June 10th along with 19 other people from IWU, and I will come back on August 10th.

Thank you to Illinois Wesleyan University’s Freeman Asia Program and Dr. Amoloza for this amazing once in a life time opportunity to go to the Philippines!! 

Stay-Tuned to see the culture, food, and places I visit!!

Here We Go

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